Untitled Game 22

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Developed by Roosevelt Boyland, Gabe Fields, and Hollow Earth Collective for Insert Game Here 2020

Art by Gabe Fields, Jabari King, and Hollow Earth Collective

142608__autistic-lucario__error.wav by autistic-lucario
264828__cmdrobot__text-message-or-videogame-jump.ogg by cmdrobot
277031__headphaze__ui-completed-status-alert-notification-sfx003.wav by headphaze
WrongButton-G22.wav Generated using BFXR

Unused Assets
62139__tkshredder__zoomin.wav by tkshredder
372209__original-sound__confirmation-ascending-1.mp3 by original-sound
511609__foxzine__cinematic-sirens.wav by foxzine

PickupReceived-G22.wav Generated using BFXR
DropOffSound-G22.wav Generated using BFXR
CombinationComplete-2-G22.wav Generated using BFXR
ButtonSound-G22.wav Generated using BFXR


IGH2020-Windows.zip 25 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and click on IGH2020.exe to start playing

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